CA Standards-Based Instruction


Sandburg School implements the San Diego School literacy framework which includes Read Aloud, Shared and Guided Reading, Independent Reading and Writing. These new district frameworks provide a literacy integrated approach to reading. Literature and enrichment strands are available to the teachers and students.

Oral/Written Language

Sandburg utilizes an integrated approach to oral and written language. A strong emphasis on Writing as a Process and expressive and receptive communication skills are also included in the language program. Students are expected to share their thinking and problem-solving steps throughout the academic day. The ability to explain and think is the key to understanding and mastery.


The Harcourt Brace Math Series is used in Grades K-5. This program includes the use of manipulatives to teach math concepts, and fosters the development of higher order thinking skills. Students are expected to explain their answers to mathematical problems via writing, pictures, graphs, etc. Enrichment materials are available in each unit for advanced students. Reteaching will occur in the classroom, as necessary. Math journals, sharing, problem-solving process.


Sandburg uses the FOSS Science Programs in Grades K-5. Science kits and enrichment materials supplement the basic program, and promote a hands-on approach to science.

Social Studies

Sandburg utilizes the McGraw-Hill Social Studies program in Grades K-5. This program contains supplementary materials to foster the development of location skills, writing skills, and cooperative learning.

Music Program

The Sandburg staff developed a music program for K-5 students that uses the McMillan Music Series. The program includes a scope and sequence of music skills, use of instruments, and presentations of music assemblies. The district's instrumental music teachers offer music instruction for students in Grades 4 and 5.

Physical Education

Sandburg has a structured P.E. instructional program. The program includes a K-5 scope and sequence of physical education skills, and provides both large and small group instruction for children at all grade levels. Volunteers work with students in all grade levels of physical education. They particularly address developing skills required for the Physical Fitness Program.


The Sandburg Art program provides the opportunity and encouragement for students to develop artistic knowledge and skills, and art appreciation while continuing a strong basic skills instructional program. Students are exposed to a formal art program, which includes the learning of many different art mediums, and art history and appreciation.

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

GATE cluster classes are offered to students in Grades 3 to 5. Differentiated instruction which includes enrichment in Language, Math, and Science is the focus in Grades 3 and 4, while Grade 5 focuses on Language, Arts, and Social Studies. Students also engage in special activities and events provided by district and site GATE funds. Private testing for identifying students in the GATE Program is no longer accepted. Testing dates at Sandburg will be announced in future parent newsletters.

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